What To Do After A Warehouse Injury

Warehouses are notoriously hazardous workplaces. Even when safety procedures are in place, the fast-paced environment and the close proximity of workers and heavy goods and equipment can be a recipe for disaster. The term "warehouse" does not only refer to stand-alone storage facilities; warehouse areas of big-box stores such as Menards and even storage areas in office buildings also fall into this category.

Heavy items, heavy boxes of merchandise, dangerous equipment such as forklifts and other devices all pose risks to people working close to them. Unexpected movements of other workers can trigger accidents going around corners and in poorly lit areas. Any number of factors can go into the making of a workplace accident involving:

  • Falls and collisions
  • Injuries associated with the demands of moving heavy things (such as a lifting injury)
  • A foot, leg, arm or hand injury
  • A head, neck or back injury
  • An amputation (loss of a finger, hand, toe or foot, for example)
  • Blunt force injuries
  • Fatal injuries

Minor Injuries Are Not Always Minor Incidents Overall

Even a seemingly minor injury, such as a crushed toe, can disable a worker for a long time. Prompt, quality medical treatment is essential for workers who have suffered serious or minor injuries in warehouses. Workers' compensation benefits include medical benefits, including "all reasonable medical and hospital services, appliances, prescribed drugs, prosthetic devices and other [injury-related] supplies." Wage loss benefits can compensate a worker for time off work that goes on for more than 7 days.

Learn about your rights and your options after you have suffered an injury in a warehouse environment, a factory, a car repair facility or any similar workplace environment where noise and heavy equipment pose risks to workers — or any workplace.

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