Nurses And Other Health Care Workers Sometimes Suffer Serious Injuries On The Job

People often enter health care professions, such as nursing and physical therapy, with the hope and intention of helping others. They often approach their jobs from a caring, altruistic perspective. Along with the caregiving, however, there can be a great deal of physically demanding work for nurses, certified nursing assistants (CNAs), emergency room (ER) staff and other health care providers to cope with.

Unfortunately, workplace injuries are common for nurses and other health care workers because of challenging activities such as:

  • Frequent walking all day long
  • Lifting or turning patients
  • Rushing from one patient to another, pressed for time and under stress from many directions
  • Working around needles, sophisticated equipment and hazardous materials

You may have arrived at this website after you were injured on the job as a health care provider in a hospital, medical clinic or nursing home in or near Lincoln or elsewhere in Nebraska. You are not alone. You have come to the right place. Linscott Law skillfully represents injured health care workers throughout the region.

A successful workers' compensation case can cover medical treatments for your workplace injury as well as wage loss benefits. Furthermore, if an outside person or entity other than your employer was negligent, you may also have a valid third-party liability claim.

Did you suffer a back injury after lifting patients day in and day out? Whether your injury occurred suddenly or through repetitive activities, you likely qualify for workers' compensation benefits. Were you injured by defective equipment in a hospital? If an outside person or entity other than your employer contributed to or caused the injury, you may also have a valid third-party liability claim. Get legal advice in a timely manner for best results. Know your rights and learn how to get your benefits coming without delay. Linscott Law can help get you on your way to recovery.

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