Construction Worker Injuries

Information About Construction Worker Injuries

Construction sites can be extremely dangerous and no matter how careful a worker may be, there is always a potential for serious injury. Scaffolding injuries, ladder falls, awkward positioning, electrocutions, defective power tools/machinery, falling debris, swinging equipment, exposed rebar or heavy equipment accidents are just a short list of the many accidents that can occur on a job site. Construction workers have a job that requires continued physical strength and exertion. When injured, it can keep them off the job site for a significant period of time. These injuries can have a devastating impact because so many rely heavily on their physical abilities to complete job tasks.

Navigating through the workers’ compensation system can be can be extremely confusing for someone without the knowledge and experience of how the law works. This is especially the case when dealing with multiple parties, different general contractors, subcontractors, and site owners. You can be sure that your employer and their insurance company have experience. With Martin Linscott on your side, you will too.

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