When Factory Workers Are Injured In The Lincoln, Nebraska, Area Or Anywhere Statewide

Depending on the particular activities involved in a factory worker's job, he or she may be especially susceptible to certain types of injuries on the job, such as:

  • Burn injuries, eye strain and neurological disorders often affecting welders
  • Repetitive-stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome often affecting assembly workers
  • Back and neck injuries affecting workers ranging from meat packing plant employees to lawn mower and car part assemblers

Nebraska is home to a variety of manufacturing facilities, including a lawn mower and car part manufacturers in Lincoln and many other factories throughout the state. Workers injured in plants owned by these and other manufacturers need quality legal advice as soon as possible.

The Risks Of Going Without A Lawyer's Advice After A Factory Workplace Injury

It is not enough to file a workers' compensation claim with the help of the human resources (HR) department.

First, you may encounter unnecessary delays and miss out on benefits you are eligible for just because of the many confusing steps and processes involved in a successful workers' compensation claim.

Later, after you have recovered as far as you are going to, you may experience disagreement among the key parties (you, your employer and the workers' comp insurer) over when you are ready to return to work and what kind of work you can do despite any lingering disabilities.

Linscott Law, with 20 years' experience in Lincoln and a long list of successful case outcomes, is ready to be your advocate after a workplace injury in a Nebraska factory or warehouse.

Help For Injured Factory Workers Statewide

After you or a loved one has been hurt in a manufacturing injury, call 402-477-4357 or email Linscott Law in Lincoln to schedule a free initial consultation. Learn how attorney Martin V. Linscott can ensure you know about and file claims for all compensation you are eligible for.