A Motorcycle Accident Survivor In Lincoln Can Be Your Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The beauty of riding a motorcycle is that it is open and free from restraints. It allows the rider to experience everything around them. However, sometimes this freedom comes at a price. The injuries that a rider sustains in an accident are often very significant and unfortunately, fatalities are far more common than automobile accidents.

Mr. Linscott Understands Your Perspective

Martin Linscott does not only represent bikers; he is one himself. And he is not just a motorcycle accident attorney who rides. He is also a motorcycle accident survivor. He has the unique perspective of having been involved in a serious collision in which he sustained significant injuries.

In 2002, he was hit head-on by another motorcycle outside of Lead, South Dakota, on his way to Sturgis. The immediate aftermath of that motorcycle crash looked and was devastating. The bike was mangled on the concrete. Mr. Linscott's head, face and neck were bloody and frightening looking. He went through rehabilitation, struggling with the insurance companies, and ultimately litigation.

Empathy Is Important In A Personal Injury Lawyer— And Litigation Experience Is Even More Important

Going through the experience of recovering medically and financially after a motorcycle accident enables Mr. Linscott to relate closely to the injured riders that he represents. The struggles he faced and the experience of his own accident gives him firsthand knowledge of how to deal with insurance companies. Thankfully, in his case, it was determined that the other party was negligent, and gathering evidence of that fact bolstered the case significantly.

Between Mr. Linscott's own motorcycle accident and those of clients of the firm over the years, he is well-prepared to assist you after you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Nebraska. Even if you are from out of state and plan to return home to recover, Mr. Linscott is available to help you recover compensation from afar, if necessary.

A Motorcycle Accident Attorney Ready To Review Your Nebraska Injury Case

If you have been injured in a motorcycle or car accident in Lincoln or anywhere statewide due to the fault of another, do yourself the favor of contacting Martin Linscott for a free consultation. He understands what you are going through.